Barbie – TERESA Cut ‘N Style Doll (2002)

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Barbie – TERESA Cut ‘N Style Doll (2002)
Teresa Cut ‘N Style is a 2002 Mattel production doll. This doll is from Canada & has tri-lingual box writing: English, French & Spanish. Included contents as per box: Teresa Doll & 14 accessories. TERESA is approx. 11.5″ tall and has long dark brown hair and pale green eyes. She’s wearing a shimmery plastic dress with 3/4 length sleeves & cuffs that’s in purple, pink & aqua tones. This dress is worn over her other sleeveless dress that is pink, white aqua & silver color horizontal stripe fabric. Teresa’s boots and sunglasses are purple. Included with Teresa doll, is a pair of safety metal scissors with a blue plastic handle, 2 extra hair extensions in blond shades, hair clips, a pretend hair dryer (doll size), hair brush and a curling iron. Mentioned on the box is Hair Gel; if there is Hair Gel, it may be dried out due to age of production. On the back of the box it states that you can “Cut her “growing” hair again and again. Pull on the hair to grow long! All provided information is to the best of my ability and may not be exact. Colors, styles and sizes may vary. Teresa Cut ‘N Style doll, a 2002 Mattel production doll, is great for any collection or just for fun play!
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