Kelly Club Amusement Park RYAN Doll is a 2000 Mattel production. Model #28392. Included in the box is a Ryan Doll, outfit, plastic pinwheel & Kelly Club poster. Ryan is approx. 4″ tall & has dark brown hair & greenish eyes and freckles on his cheeks. Ryan wears olive green color pants and a horizontal stripe top that has olive green, maroon, white, blue & coral color stripes with red thread trim on the sleeves & neck of the top and Ryan wears coral color shoes. There’s a plastic molded pinwheel that has an attachment to clip the Pinwheel onto Ryan’s wrist. There’s a Kelly Club Poster inside the box. All descriptions & information is to the best of my ability and may not be exact. Colors, styles & sizes may vary. Kelly Club Amusement Park RYAN Doll, a 2000 Mattel production is great for any collection or just for fun play!

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